Cognizer’s Natural Language Intelligence

A breakthrough for Natural Language Processing Ai

The Cognizer Corporate Brain is powered by a deep-learning meta model that overcomes the limitations of conventional Natural Language Processing.


Exceptional Accuracy Required

Until recently, Natural Language Processing Al had too many limitations to be applied across all enterprise content, email and systems.

The meta model that powers Cognzier NLI uses the best aspects of the best NLP engines for structured content, deep-learning models for unstructured content and the best sentiment engines.

Cognizer Integrates Seamlessly With Box™

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Preprocessing Required

One of the major limitations of conventional NLP is the inability to understand poorly formed sentences in email, social media and certain types of documents.

Cognizer NLI uses advanced AI to perform a comprehensive preprocessing of source content to make poorly formed sentences well formed. Our approach handles chronic NLP challenges like spelling, slang, bad grammar, icons, contractions, etc.

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We Invented a New Form Category Of AI

Our Natural Language Intelligence AI is powered by deep-learning HyperFrames.

Proprietary Hyper Framing

Cognizer’s NLI extends FrameNet with deep-learning to create the fastest most accurate approach to understanding language in all forms.

In addition to creating proprietary Frames, we have also applied deep-learning Capsule Networks to FrameNet using a “Human in the Loop” modelality.

Stop Searching. Start Knowing!

Deploying Cognizer with Box™ is the first step to transition your organization from searching to knowing.

Giant Preconfigured Fact Base

NLP has historically been challenged by lack of context. Cognizer’s NLI provides a giant preconfigured fact based of 125+ million facts derived by reading and memorizing all of the world’s largest fact bases, including g

Cognizer’s NLI is also integrated with Wolfram Alpha the advanced logic and math engine, and the Google Knowledge Graph.

Cognizer’s NLI Roadmap

Cognizer’s Corporate Brain uses a highly scalable cloud level architecture and is deeply integrated with Box.com to ensure our clients can capture, retain and disseminate knowledge throughout your enterprise at scale.

We are also conducting groundbreaking research to further improve our NLI with new releases coming in Q4, 2019.