Introducing Cognizer: Your Corporate Brain

Imagine you could instantly know everything needed to excel in your work without having to search through documents, websites, knowledge bases and systems. Imagine you had a super intelligent AI running on mobile and web apps helping you manage your day, your time and your workstreams. Cognizer is the first deep-learning AI-powered Corporate Brain ready to help transition your organization from searching to knowing.

Unleash the ROI trapped in your Enterprise Systems

Cognizer Integrates Seamlessly With Box™

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Cognizer in Action

  • Brain Assistant
  • BrainWaves
  • MyDay
  • Cognizer+Box™

The Brain Assistant

The Brain Assistant instantly answers your questions on any topic phrased any way you like.  Cognizer’s Natural Language Intelligence AI combined with its two-tiered memory system understands both the substance and context of your questions.


Think of BrainWaves as your thought partner, a super intelligent AI running as a mobile app. BrainWaves instantly deliver suggestions as you perform you work.  Suggestions are made in the form of “Fact-Tiles” – much like Wikipedia displays. BrainWaves combine your enterprise knowledge with The Brain’s giant preconfigured store of 80+ million facts.

MyDay with Cognizer

Cognizer’s MyDay app understands you, your day, your time, your meetings, and your workstreams. Every day, all day long, Cognizer is helping you optimize your use of time and knowledge to excel at your work.

Cognizer + Box™

Cognizer works seamlessly with Box™, and can also read documents in network folders, websites, portals, and even desktop computers.

Your Corporate Brain:

  • Cognizer Learns
  • Never Forgets
  • Is Already Smart
  • Knows You
  • Keeps Commitments
  • Does Ph.D. Level Math

Cognizer Learns!

The Brain learns by reading and listening. Cognizer harvests and captures your business knowledge using our proprietary Natural Language Intelligence AI. Cognizer stores the acquired knowledge in context by storing each fact in relation to pertinent people, projects, processes, etc.

Cognizer Never Forgets!

The Brain remembers everything it has learned. Cognizer’s long-term memory (the knowledge base) is powered by a super-fast triple fact store graph database. Cognizer’s short-term memory uses multiple sliding time windows to best understand context (within a sentence, paragraph, and document).

Cognizer is Already Smart!

Cognizer has already read, captured and stored 80+ Million Facts from Wikipedia, Wikibase, DBpedia, Freebase, the CIA World Factbook, and Wordnet. The Brain will combine your organizations business knowledge with the 1,445,000 people, 241,000 organizations, 735,000 places, 411,000 creative works, 251,000 species, and 6,000 diseases it already knows.

Cognizer Knows You!

Cognizer disseminate knowledge by responding to your verbal or written questions.  Cognizer proactively presents pertinent contextualized knowledge to you based on cues drawn from how you are using business systems like Gmail or Outlook, or collaboration applications like Slack, Skype, or Teams.

Cognizer Keeps Commitments!

Cognizer is always present, listening, and waiting for your organization to make a commitment and then ensures those commitments are captured and assigned. It knows teammates, managers, and stakeholders; what they are working on, their priorities, milestones, deliverables, issues and metrics.

Does Ph.D. Level Math!

Cognizer is deeply integrated with Wolfram|Alpha, so it provides broad math knowledge and deep computational power. Whether it be arithmetic, algebra, calculus, differential equations or anything in between, Cognizer can solve nearly any math problem using any fact it knows.

We Invented a New Form Category Of AI

Our Natural Language Intelligence AI is powered by deep-learning HyperFrames.

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Cognizer vs AI Bots

The Brain is your thought partner delivering knowledge you need to excel at your work.

Cognizer understands you, your day, your time, your meetings, your teams and your workstreams. ChatBots have no memory and cannot understand what you are doing or even who you are.

Stop Searching. Start Knowing!

Deploying Cognizer with Box™ is the first step to transition your organization from searching to knowing.

Meet The Team!

DR. avi katz

founder, executive chairman

Jack Porter

Founder & CEO

Soundar Velu

Founder & CTO

Jeswil Mascarenhas

Head of Product

Randy Friedman


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